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We are a family of four, our two teenagers Mie and Jon, who has moved out and ourselves Peter and Sys. Not to mention our cats Annabell, Aurelia,Tigergutt, Golliwogg and Ipanema.


We bought our first Forest Cat, a female, DK Plica´s Cabbi -

Cici, in May 2006.And since then a lot of different things have happened in our little breeding.


We bought the name DK Chrisycat in the beginning of 2007,when we started to explore the possibilities and necessities, if one wanted to breed Norwegian Forest Cats.


The name Chrisycat is a combination of the first letters of Peters surname Christensen and my christian name Sys with the little addition "cat".



I've always been fascinated by Norwegian Forest Cats, but the price for a genuine pedigree cat has kept me from acquiring one for many years. Instead, we've had great pleasure of several housecats. My previous housecat Fussi decided in the spring of  2005 that she didn't approve of our new house, and ran away, returning to our now ex- neighbour, where she promptly moved in.

Peter moves in with me in the summer of 2005,and isn't really interested in cats (he thinks). But as I constantly talk about getting a new cat, preferably a Norwegian Forest Cat, he finally capitulates. Of course we're going to have a new cat, if that's what I want. One day on the internet we find a  mixed race cat, Norwegian Forest Cat and Main Coon for sale for only 500 crowns, and it's black, exactly what Peter would like. We jump in the car and drive over to Ribe to fetch the cat, who's mother is a Norwegian Forest Cat without a pedigree, but to us, a lovely longhaired cat. The father is there too, a big red pedigree Main Coon. We take the cat with us and call it "Pjevs" , as it's not very big. Time passes, and Pjevs´ fur doesn't get any longer, and we feel somewhat cheated.:-( But we think she's great anyway. And in the blink of an eye, she's absolutely become Peters cat, and he has to admit that cats are pretty nice to have around the house.

After some time I'm sitting and surfing on the net, it's spring 2006,and I find a pedigree Norwegian Forest Cat at a decent price and it's on our island Fünen. We ring straight away to hear more, as we think that the picture is of the mother as it seems very big...ha ha. But no, it's a picture of the kitten that's for sale; genuine pedigree Norwegian Forest Cats are slightly bigger than common housecats. Shortly after, we're the proud owners of Cici- and it's Mum's cat.

As owners of a beautiful pedigree Forest Cat, it's possible for us to take part in shows with others interested in pedigree cats. It's been a great experience and pleasure to meet a lot of lovely people and their beautiful cats.

From the beginning we've reaped great benefit from other breeders and their experience, and have found good ideas, for example to our cat run, from other breeder's websites.


A special and very big thank you to Sissel Lousen from Cattery Antrilo, who we came to talk to by chance when we were visiting a show in Middelfart. We would never have come so far without her help. She has been an invaluable help and support for us, we've received help with everything from cat runs, cat washing. first show and much more. And above that, she's lent us her wonderful male Grand international Champion Salling´s Zulu for our first mating.

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 Sissel helps washing Cici.


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