Bach's Flower Medicine















How we discovered Bach's flower medicine:

Whilst visiting some good friends, we came to talk about shows. We talked about Cici being uncomfortable at shows and were introduced to "relaxation" drops, a homeopathic medicine suitable for both humans and animals. They're  given in advance as a preventative method to avoid stress, in our case, when at a show.

We contacted Bolette Gaia Kohl, the owner of the Clinic of Natural Medicine here in Svendborg, to hear if she could help us. She of course knew the drops, but recommended instead that we had Cici tested. This was due to Cici seeming out of balance, also after the kittens had left us.

Bolette received a ´photo of Cici and did the test, we received shortly after a little bottle containing the flower extracts that Cici needed to bring her back into balance. We experienced how Cici slowly improved and became more in balance again; started to play, come up to us on the sofa, was less uneasy generally and more relaxed in the company of other cats. It was like getting our old Cici back again.

We also used the drops when Cici was exhibited in Frederiks, which resulted in her being far more relaxed than we previously had seen her at shows. Annabell was also given some of Cici´s drops before the long drive, and we are convinced that this helped her to relax on the journey. Cici and Annabell is not going to show anymore. And our other cats are okay with show, so we dont use Bachs anymore.


Bolette writes about Bach's flower medicine and the testing of pets :

We all have feelings. We cannot and should not try to change that. But if you have too many negative emotional conditions in your life, you could try to alleviate these by using a preparation of Bach's flower extracts. If your pet is to be exhibited (You can try "relaxation drops"), or it is a little out of balance, it's possible to test it and make an individual mixture to relieve the problem. The test is made from a ´photo (may be sent digitally) or from a tot of fur/hair, and you receive a short verbal explanation of the chosen extracts together with the medicine.

If you would like to know more, we recommend  a visit to Bolette´s website :