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We are a family run/based Norwegian Forest Cat breeder  in the outskirts of Tved, about 5 minutes by car to the north of Svendborg. We live in a newly renovated old house, with a 2000 square metre garden, with a view over fields/farmland. The cats live partly outside in their cat run, but are mostly inside, so we can enjoy each others company. Here they have a cat-friendly environment and have free run of our 174 square metres.


We are members of JYRAK and "Norsk Skovkattering" (Norwegian Forest Cat Ring) and have participated in a Breeders course for new members, Sys has taking her Forest Cat license. We participate in exhibitions when we can find the time. Cici doesn't enjoy being exhibited so much, but read more about our good results with Bach's Flower extract medicine.

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Last updated  18/1 2018


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Plans updated

Ipanema became Surprime Champion in Netherland, Lady Love Gran International Champion and Rocky became International Champion

Show result updated

Welcome home to our new male Rocky

 Golliewogg, Ipanema and Lady are scanned HCM Normal

All our cats are tested GSD IV normal, PK def N/N breeding cats are scanned for HCM.