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Kittens expected in week 9

Gollie has visited Harmakhet's No Kidding and she expect kittens in week 9. Thank you so much Scarlet for making this possible, in the middle of the Christmas preparations <3

Kittens Pedegree

Inbreed on 7 generations 0,0488

Possible colors:

Male: Black, Red, Blue, Creme with pattern, can be with or without silver and white.

Female: Black, Blue, Blacktortie, Bluetortie with pattern, can be with or without silver and white.

Both parents carries amber.

Gollie have not made any diluted kittens until now, so we are not sure if she carries dilution.




Name Sex Colour Birth weight Status

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It's important for us that the kittens are socially integrated when they leave us, so they are raised as a part of the family. We spend a lot of time with the cats, and therefore will only sell the kittens by personal contact from potential customers. As the kittens are not just a product for us, we reserve the right to reject a sale/customer.

All the kittens have a Fife pedigree from Felis Danica, and a buyers contract will be drawn up. The kittens can first be taken from us when they are twelve weeks old. When they are ready to be collected, they will have received their first vaccination, treatment for worms and fleas, and had a vet check. Kittens for breeding will of course be chipped. You will also receive a bag of cat food for kittens, and pictures, when you collect your kitten.

We are always available for advise and help when you buy one of our kittens, both before and after the sale.





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