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Golliwogg as a kitten





Golliwoggs father CH D* Finnsdalens Innozenz










Ipanemas father DK Tomiss Creationman who lives at  DK Harmakhet







Chrisycats Lady Love


Aurelia - Ladys mor



































Tigergutts father - S* Utblicken´s Zimson















































Our Females

S * Miss Mikkus Golliwogg, by us called Golli is a fs 23 - Thank you so much Lilly, that you let this beautiful girl come to us. We are exited how Golli will develop and how it will go on the shows. Golliwogg has a super temper, and we find her both beautiful and lovely. Golliwoggs mother is GIC S* WesthKiowa´s Farbror Barbro fs 22. Barbro has a fantastic light colour and might be shaded. Barbro lives with Lilly who owns the breed Miss Mikkus in Sweden. Golliwoggs father is CH D* Finnsdalens Innozenz d 23. He is owned by S*Seerath og S* Chop Suey´s, both breeds in Sweden.We think that  Golliwogg has the most fantastik look, we could wish, that her tail was a bit longer. She is having a hard time at the shows, because she got a nervous tail, that makes her tail lok to short. Golliwogg is mother to our G - Litter and I-litter. She got a suprelorin chip 1. of Marts 13. At summer 2015 she gave birth to our M-Litter

















DK Chrisycats Ipanema is our own breed and she's a tortie amber silver spotted with white fts 09 24, she was born 2/8 2012. When we did this combination between S * Miss Mikkus Golliwogg and DK Tomiss Creation Man, it was with the desire of getting a silver tortie as Golliwogg, but larger and with a longer tail and stronger chin. We knew that father was amber carrier and that Golliwogg might be it, but I did not think that there would be amber kittens. It was however quickly realized that we had a kitten which did not quite look like our previous kittens on the color, the only thing we were sure of was that she was silver and white. We chose after some time of get a test, and it showed that she is amber. Ipanema has a wonderful temperament and we are excited how she will develop. She and her siblings were BIS litter of 4 and she then got some EX1 and NOM and she gets a lot of attention because of her color. Now she is 2 years old and we hope for som kittens from her.




















IC Chrisycats Lady Love er en datter til Adelroses Aurelia Munch og hendes far er Tomiss Tender Love. Hun er resultatet af en ønske parring og et ønske om en hunkat som var en forbedret Aurelia men som også har samme smukke look som Aurelia. Vi er rigtig glade for Lady, men vi er også klar over at der er noget at arbejde med i disse linjer. Jeg elsker hendes smukke sølv, hendes look, lange krop, høje ben og laaange hale.















Our shared breeding males


We have with Anja Rose Lorentsen from DK Silverrose bought this lovely frensh male Far away frozen lands Lundy, he is a black smoke male, we hope he will bring us a lot of lovely babies and some nice shows. He live with my friend Anja.












My daughter and I have bought a new lovely silvermale from an old breed of NFO who is welle nown among breeders. Thank you so much Annika Berner from S*Zygots, that Zircon Rock could come to us. We hope he can make a lot of lovely kittens with our females. He has exellent coat, profile and we love his ears.










Our Neuters

N*Adelroses Aurelia Munch is a black silver mackerel - tabby female. She's born the 20th of December 2007 in Furnes, Norway and is named after the Norwegian artist Edward Munch. We've been looking for a black silver tabby female for some time, and thought it could be interesting to look outside of Denmark. With our friends´ help, we found our way to Adelrose in Norway, and that was the start of our dreams...

Aurelia's father is a big black smoke from Norway called Skrivernatten's Linus. Her mother is called Danica and comes from the well - known breeders "Gunsmoke´s" in Sweden. She's a beautiful blue silver blotched tabby. See more information on Aurelia's pedigree. There's been great interest from several countries abroad in kittens from this litter, so we're very happy that we could take Aurelia. She's been to her first exhibition and received EX1. and NOM., so we're really proud of her. Now Aurelia is IC, and we are waiting for her, to have some kittens. Aurelia has become mother to our F, H and J - litter and L litter. Aurelia got a suprelorin chip 1. of Marts 13. In beginning of 2015 she became a neuter and we kept Lady Love from her L Litter 


Our neutered male

N*Skaugumåsen´s Tigergutt is a black silver mackerel - tabby male. He's born the 20th of June 2008. in Asker - Norway.

We have kept an eye on this litter, since Jartrud planned it. We hoped that the male of our dreams might come here. Tigergutts father is S*Utblicken´s Zimson, en giant gorgeous male who lives whit Eva i Norway, visit him at Migotos. Mum is Skaugumåsen´s Athene who has a very beautiful silver and classic tabby pattern, see her at Skaugumaasen. Tigergutt has the most outstanding temper, he is irises stably. He is strong boned, with nice big ears and very strong legs. He has been to some shows and got BIV and NOM, so we are very proud of him.He has become GIC and are going towards the SC and he has gained the title DVM aswell.Tigergutt is the father to our D Litter, E litter, G litter and H litter and J - litter.

Tigergutt got a suprelorin chip 29/10 12 in spring 14 he started to act fertile and we tried to mate him and Ipanema with no luck. He was so unhappy to be fertile again, so 5/8 we decided to let him neuter.








Chrisycats Annabell is a female we've kept from our A litter. Annabell was born the 6th of November 2007 as the last of the litter, just as we thought the mother was finished birthing. See more information on her pedigree.

Her weight at birth was 110 grams. She's a blue mackerel - tabby, and at the moment looks like having the same build as her mother. She's been to her first exhibition in Karup in March. The judge thought she was very promising, and especially complimented her colour/pattern. It's rare that Blues have nice patterns. Now Annabell has become mother to our C Litter and E litter, she has become IC, going towards GIC. We do think that she is an improved Cici - her mother. As Annabell got two caesarean section we had to neuter her and she is a happy neuter.



Cats we are missing

Pjevs,our female, who is a pedigree in disguise, was born the 4th of August 2005. We fetched her in Ribe, she only cost a few hundred crowns, even though she's half Main Coon and half Norwegian Forest Cat.

As you can see, she doesn't have a single long hair, therefore the label a " pedigree in disguise".

She had a single kitten in the summer of 2006,he weighed 115 grams at birth and was given the name Bjørn.

He moved in with Marlene and her family, where he thrives.

Pjevs are with the angels now - December 2008.

Plica`s Cabbi  is our first female, she's a pedigree Norwegian Forest Cat. She's born the 20th of January 2006 and is a black mackerel-tabby. Cici is the mother to our A, B and D litter, see under litters. Cici is not enjoying life as a fertile, so 20/4 2010, Cici became neutered. Cici did not enjoy life in our cattery, so we made the hard decission to find a new home for her. And she is having a lovely life there.








Golliwogg 2 years





Golliwoggs mother WesthKiowas Farbror Barbro.



























Tender Love 8 måneder - Ladys far















Aurelia as a kitten













Tigergutt as a kitten


Tigergutts mother - N*Skaugumåsen´s Athene